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Did I Really Sign Up for This?

Monday, December 29, 2008
Once again, I complain.

But first I express gratitude. It equals out right? I had a great Christmas with family. It was nice to be together. I'm thankful for them. I'm thankful for everyone's thoughtfulness this season.

Both of my babies are sick. Really sick. I am sick too. It's not even a fun combination. Mom's don't get days off. that makes me so angry. We have been sick for about two weeks now. Not cool.

David is actually at the hospital with Jackson right now. He has been feverish and throwing up for two days. His temp was 104 earlier today. I just got a text from David with the same news. He threw up on the way there. Poor guy. I'm pretty sure David is the only one without some sort of ailment right now. Well physical.

Just got an update. Jackson might have a really bad UTI. They are doing an X-ray and giving him an IV. Poor guy. Makes me sad.

Besides all that, I feel like there is this constant rain cloud above my head. That is so negative and awful to say but it's true. I feel like it's just pouring. Seriously... picture a rain cloud right over your head. How awful is that? Unless you like the rain. Well even I do bUt after awhile you get cold and want to see the sun right?

Where are the money trees?

Where are the magical elves that provide power to my house?

When will the fire in my throat stop burning?

When will I be able to not go into debt over toilet paper? I was just telling my friend that we are so poor we have to take BACK the toilet paper we bought today. Don't know what we are gonna wipe with. Hands? We have soap... jk lol. But we can use the 6 dollars for power. Or gas in the car.

This is just a big pity party? Wanna join? Maybe I should have posted this on my secret blog. Nah, it's real life right?

I read everyone elses blogs and they are all happy and lovey and sweet. I want that. It's coming I hope.

I made stew tonight... well today. In the crockpot. I'm a good wife. I'm also a good homemaker. lol. I make myself laugh. At least someone does. It turned out well. I even almost took a picture of the deliciousness so I could show off. That's how I roll.

There are pictures from this holiday that I would like to post however, I am too tired and too lazy to do so. Okay. I will. Just a few.

Aunt Steph and Sadie

I love fudge cause it's so delicious. Okay, that's one of my most favorite pictures of my mom. I feel like she really had to let go. Love it.

His holiday sweater made with love from Grandma Christiansen.

More to come.
David just called me to ask when Jacksons birthday was. That makes me laugh a little. Anyway, I better go. They are coming home. I assume everything is okay then. I'll let you know.

The Day

Saturday, December 27, 2008
My day has been full of shits and giggles. Literally. Shits and giggles and throw-ups. Sorry David. I swore. I have been swearing lately. I kind of secretly like it. Except now it is not so much a secret.
This blog will probably be full of complaints. Sorry to those of you who hate that. I don't actually care that much that you do. Stop reading.

The one absolutely great thing about my day was seeing Twilight for the third time legally. Probably the 4th or 5th illegally. I don't know why I love that movie so much. Is it the overly lovey story? Or the absolutely gorgeous Edward? I actually think it's the baseball scene. I could watch that a million times. For some reason I love that one more than any other one.

Then I got to eat something delicious. I can't tell you where I went because I made it a secret from David. Not sure why either. Anyway, I'll give you a hint. It rhymes with May Day. Does anyone have a guess?
When we were there Sadie decided to explode in her pants. She doesn't actually wear pants. She decided to explode in her gown. Those annoying ones with holes in the bottom. Oooh and before that she threw up all over me. Yum. I brought extra clothes for her but not for me. I"m smart.

I hate to say this because I know a lot of people are, or are trying to, have babies. But why do we have them again? At this stage they are so much work. They don't sleep when you want them to, the poop everywhere and they vomit just the same. I guess it becomes more worthwhile when they start to smile more, or play. Or they get to be Jacksons age and you can dress them in stretch pants, converse and an oversized sweater and then laugh because they look so freaking silly. I'll post a picture of that one. It happened tonight. IT was the funniest thing I have ever seen. Came home to Jackson dressed like that (by dad) and it made my day so much better. It becomes worth it when you ask them to say 'truck' and they say 'cock' in return. It's when she (I'm changing tenses here so you know who I am talking about) when she sleeps for 6 hours at a time, or when she DOESN'T explode in her pants for a day. It's worth it when he eats cheese from the 1 pound block in the fridge. Or when he gives kisses. I love my life.

Okay, I'm officially in a better mood. I love reliving those memories. I need to go though. 

My Spine Hurts

Wednesday, December 10, 2008
I can't sit on this memory box much longer. I'm going to hurt for the rest of my life if I do. We need a computer chair. I really want a swivel one so Jackson won't be able to climb up to the desk and mess everything up.

Again, I have nothing good to say except that I want to swear. It's my birthday today and I feel like I should be allowed to.

My day got progressively BETTER thank goodness. It started out pretty good. I got to sleep in. I have my beauty of a sister here and she graciously allowed me to get some much needed sleep this morning.

I took David back to work after lunch because i had some errands to run. I came home with a screaming frothing child (seriously. She had tons of spit foaming out of her mouth), a negative bank account, an empty stomach and an empty gas tank. It was not a good time. I don't think I've ever felt worse.

Except when I was in labor. You know what? I was asking David the other day if it was possible to pass out from pain. He answered yes and I then asked why that didn't happen to me. He said that it was possibly because labor is a natural thing. Ugh. I tell you, it was the worst pain ever and i kept hoping I would pass out. Oh gosh. I still haven't forgotten that pain. I think it is slowly subsiding though.

Anyway, the day got better. I got some food. Some gas, and the baby stopped crying. The bank account thing... I guess I can be say that that got better as well. I put my effing birthday money in the bank so at least we are positive. Count your blessings right?

I wonder if people are offended by my use of the word effing. It's better than the real thing right? And I'm not really sure I even care if people are in fact, offended. It makes me feel better anyway. For example, saying effing in the sentance above (the birthday one) gives the reader the opportunity to feel that I am possibly slightly bitter that I have to spend my birthday money on our negative account. yeah see.

I'm thankful to the people who have made this day special. To my honey for putting my living room together (the best gift ever), to Cheltst for EVERYTHING (the card, keychain, watching babies, cleaning etc..), to Sis for the food and conversation, to my mama for the presents, to Kristi for watching my babies and for the presents as well. I also love people who left me comments on Myspace and Facebook. That makes me happy too. I feel sort of popular or something. I need sleep. I'm going to wake up my husband who said he wouldn't fall asleep. lol.

Here's to Squinty Eyes

Friday, December 5, 2008
I am tired. I bed most people are. It's eleven o'clock and I should be in bed. The baby girl is sleeping on the couch and the baby boys are sleeping in the room. Why am I not? Because I LOVE the quiet. Seriously. I haven't been alone and in front of the computer for awhile. I have this strange phobia about people reading over my shoulder and since our computer is in the living room, I don't have much time to post in private.

I don't have a lot of interesting things to say. Sadie is growing way fast. Most would agree that growth happens alarmingly fast during these first few months. It's exciting but sad. Soon after we got home from the hospital with Sadie I went and took a nap with Jackson. With my arm around him, I cried and cried. What happened to my little baby boy Jackson? I dont want to miss any moments with him. I don't want him to grow up so fast. I never thought I would find myself saying that. Especially after a few of the days we have had.

He is a naughty little boy sometimes. It doesn't help that i laugh at him when he does something awful either. I can't think of anything specific right now, but I know it happens a lot. He still loves the toilet (playing in it), sitting on the dishwasher door, and yogurt... Eating it ten times a day it seems.

I wish I had something witty to say. Mostly I don't.

Who else has Facebook that I don't know about? Anyone?