Lookie Here

Another post? Say what?

I almost, just almost, posted a picture of my half eaten pumpkin pie on here just to show that I made one. Of course it happened to be store bought but who cares right? It's super funny too because it's totally cut disproportionately. I think I made that word up. Anyway, if we were to cut it up and serve it, most people would be getting tiny, short, thin slices because I like to cut mine big and fat. Love my life.

I wanted to write and say that I am grateful to all my lovers out there. All of you who read this, are my lovers. Not in a nasty dirty way, in an I-love-you-for-caring-about-me" way.

Again, I am scared for baby girl to come. I feel so much more prepared and ready but also very nervous. I think I am mostly scared for the birthing process. I am going for a VBAC and I just don't know if it is gonna happen. Part of me just wants to do a scheduled C-Section because I am a control freak and like to know when things are gonna happen. However, I DON'T want that recovery. I want a vagey birth because I want to be happy and walking around in less than 6 weeks.

Okay well, I love everyone.


  1. I have a friend who had a twin VBAC- no joke. She actually lives in Arizona. I'm sure everything will go okay. Good luck!

  2. oh, no...what's VBAC? anyway, you'll be fine--you've done it before! love!

  3. Hey I had four kiddos VBAC. You can do it!!!!!! My last "little" boy was 12 lbs and 24 inches so don't believe all the garbage / scare tatics. Heavenly Father designed our bodies to work. I'm praying for you. Tracie

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  5. Good luck! You will do awesome on the VBAC! I am so excited for your new baby girl! How fun!!!