So, I'm sure I have posted something on the subject of grossly morbidly obese people before, but it's time for a reminder.

I guess I am prejudice. No, I know I am. The definition says so. Anyway, here is why.

I decided to go to Wal-Mart last night late. I arrived, asked for my electronic wheelchair and was told there wasn't any. The sweet old man at the front said they have 6 of them but that they were all being used. So along I go, very uncomfortably, to do some shopping. As I browsed (and picked up a few.... okay a lot of items) I saw two people in carts. And they were fat. Like giganto fat. I was SOOO mad. So anyway, the old man found me and told me he got me a cart. He was so sweet. He helped me unload my regular cart, into the electronic one. I wheeled along only to see the other 3 carts being used by more fat people. This is where my prejudice comes in. I have no idea why they are actually using the cart. I just judge them because I see their butt cheeks hanging off the cart and almost touching the floor. They probably all have an excuse besides their weight. They probably have bad hips. Maybe they have heart problems? Or maybe they don't have feet? I'm just trying to figure out their reasons for taking all 6 carts! At least I have a good reason to be lazy right now. I'm 9 months pregnant okay? When I am not 600 pounds heavier due to a little girl wading around in my belly, I walk. That's right. Even though I would much rather use the carts, I try and save them for the people that really need them.

I also think it's ironic that they were all there late at night. I bet it's because they are embarrassed by their obesity. I totally understand. Why was I there at 9:30 at night? K, not because I am preggo and fat but because I could go by myself without my boys.

I looked for their canes or braces, but none of them had any. And none of them were elderly! They were all just huge! This one lady (made me the most mad) had 25 rolls of wrapping paper in her arms and her basket stuffed with bows. I couldn't even use the isle she was in because of it. And she was fat too.

Oh wow. I am sure God hates me right now. But I am overly riled up about this topic. Ask anyone that knows me well. I hate the fat ones in the carts. I'm pretty sure none of my readers are overly morbidly obese and ride in the Wal-Mart carts but if you are, I am sorry. No, I'm not really. I could surfacely apologize but I would still hate your action of taking MY cart.

Disclaimer: I am in no way insinuating that I am skinny or thin or even better than any of these people. I myself, even when not with child, am overweight. I also realize and accept that many people are overweight due to uncontrollable circumstances. I love everyone regardless of size.

But I still walk.


  1. When I was 9 months prego with Greta, Brian told me to use one of those carts when we went grocery shopping, but I refused. I guess out of pride. But after walking around the store, I got so tired and uncomfortable and I wished I had used one.

  2. I used one too at 8 mos... I could hardly walk I was SO uncomfortable. I had to use one too after giving birth due to birthing damage... ugh. You and I are totally on the same page! YOU GO GIRL!

  3. L- You an definitely have a copy of the balloon pic on my blog. Just right click and save it onto your computer! I don't care if you use it or post it or anything either.
    I hope your 9 months of torture is up soon. You sound kind of down lately. I totally understand though. When I got to the end of all my pregnancies I was a bit difficult to live with. It's just uncomfortable being huge.