I'm on a Roll

I don't usually post two days in a row. It's your lucky day! So the only thing I really wanted to complain about today is the fact that I will never be able to wear normal clothes again. I feel this way because yesterday I spent the entire day with a snot covered shirt and refried bean pants. I guess that is the fun of having little ones right? I don't know why I even choose to wear clothes at all because they always get dirty.

I remember when Jackson was little it was throw up or milk that was consistently making an appearance on my clothes. Now it's just food. And snot. And the occasional (okay, a little more than occasional) spill from my own doing. But still...is there any cure?

What's even greater is that I am having another little baby. So that means leaky boobs and more vomit AND the stuff that Jackson decides to share with me.

Yesterday we had Mexican food. It was everywhere. Today he had a banana and a Nutri Grain bar which are both apparent on my pants.

This is the part where you would probably expect me to say something like "It's all worth it". Nah, it's not really. I love my boy and he constantly does cute things to make up for it. I just wish I could wear some black pants for one day.


  1. well, i love you, and i do cute things and don't throw food on you! so, whatever point i made...i made my point.

  2. Your title is "I'm on a roll" maybe it should be "a roll is stuck to me" lol I am so funny...ha ha ha

  3. I have not been able to stop by and say hi in a long time!!! SO I wanted to say HI~~~ Have great week!