Pimpkin Spice

I accidently put that 'I' there. It's funny so I'm leaving it.

I think this actually might be another hater blog, but with a lighter note. Basically life is looking up. We signed the lease on a townhome in Mesa. It's wonderful. Don't you worry, it's one block from Target, Taco Bell, Oreganos, and... I don't think anything else is that important. Oh yeah, Goodwill and the mall are close too. SWEET!

I love the Carmel Apple Spice (not coffeeified) from Starbucks. Would you be ashamed to know that I also love Java Chip Frappacinos? I'm not. It's time to let the secrets out. Mmmmm I also love the new flavored hot chocolates. The salted caramel one is SO good. Go get some. It's a fancy place and you will feel extra fancy for getting something from there. It rocks to be the sister of my sister. Does that make sense? My sis and her hubby have been going to the same Starbucks for like 20 years so they always get free coffee. If not free, it's super cheap and the people treat you like you are famous. Even the one closer to where they live, knows them too. The last two times I have gone to the drive-through on 24th street (the original one) all I have had to say is "I want a Steph and a Kevin", and then I get a happy "just pull around" response. Last night David and I went and ordered the Steph and Kevin and also the Emilee. She calls it a no foam caramel sauce latte. It's really just steamed milk with carmel. Notice how i keep spelling carmel different? I don't know which one it is. Anyway, David and I added to the order and got a warm milk for Jackson, a cookie for me and a large water for him. Guess how much it cost? NOTHING! In normal Starbucks world it would have cost something like $15.00. I know right? I loved my life. Then tonight the same thing. I got the Steph, Kevin, Emilee and a Caramel Apple Spice... and I'm pretty sure they only charged me like $2.00. Sweeeeeet.

Okay so what else? Oh yeah, I have been dying to say for sometime that I am never going to be the blogger that posts pictures of my crafts. Mostly because I don't do crafts. I wish I did because then I would be proud to show them off. I guess I am jealous of everyone else. I should be happy for them but I am totally a hater. Maybe I should rename my blog to "The Hater Blog" because that's what it's been lately. I have to go now. I need SRP to give me power. I wish they could give me superpowers but that's not gonna happen.


  1. I want to order a Steph and Kevin also...I might have to settle for a Lisa at Leo's. Horray on the townhouse! Lets celebrate!

  2. "Caramel" is what is in your drink. "Carmels" are the little chewy candy squares. Congrats on finding a place to live!

  3. That is so funny! Maybe soon they will have a "Lisa". That would be cool. Yay on a new place! That is exciting. Take some pics.

  4. you probably live next to my brother...who lives in mesa across from a target! i guess that could be more than one location...
    do you know what i love? a coolatta from dunkin donuts. that's slummin it but i love them. mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.....

  5. Hey congrats on the town house!! That is awesome! PS I still love your blog, it cracks me up!