Secrets, Secrets Are No Fun

I have a few of my own though. I think it's time for me to get them out there. Maybe in a general sort of way. I hate when I'm in these serious moods. It's not fun to read.

Today was a busy day. I'm way too tired to do it again. I can't believe how much IKEA can actually wear a person out. That and a 15 month old. and a 4 year old.

So it's weird that sometimes people who don't even care about you, want to know about you and your life so they read your blogs. I've done it before. I put myself out there so I guess it's public property or something. It's strange though. I stopped reading those peoples blogs when I realized it was a waste of my energy.

I also think it's funny when people's husbands are super creepy.

Uh oh. I can see this turning into a hate blog.

Oooh. Can I just say one thing that makes me more rageful than re-sellers on craigslist and at yard sales? It's the people who flip me (or David) off. We have been flipped off at least 5 times since we have been here. Today it happened twice. I was sitting at a red stoplight of a freeway exit waiting to turn right. The idiot, I mean person, ahead of me was just sitting there. There were NO cars coming. If I remember my driving rules correctly one is able to turn if they have yielded to oncoming traffic. Well I decided to wait a minute before honking to remind him (politely) that he could turn. I waited that minute and gave a light tap on my horn. Just then it turned green and he went, and so did his finger. It was not a good time. I think I actually flipped him off too. It gives me this feeling in my heart of intense anger and hatefulness. I can't explain it.


I have so many things that I would love for the public to know, but I am afraid of saying for some reason. Does anyone else have that?

This is from yesterday.

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  1. everybody flips someone off. it's way better than shooting someone. you're such a good person and you judge yourself way to harshly.