I used to love Bologna sandwiches. And Fish Sticks

Yes. I kind of want bologna right now. Does anyone else say in their head "bo-log-na" when they spell that word? I just looked it up and found out you can spell it "baloney" too.

I haven't had baloney or fish sticks since I was ten. I want both. I stopped eating fish sticks (with tartar sauce) when I found out they were fish. I know right?

Do you ever feel like your day just can't get any worse? That's mine today. My oh-so-sweet little boy has hit his head about 6 different times on various places in the room I am in. I can't take it. He has also dumped out a box of staples, a canister of CD's, and my makeup bag.

When I was making macaroni earlier, I dropped everything on the floor. This wouldn't be so bad except that I CAN'T BEND DOWN! I can, it's just very uncomfortable. I seriously dropped probably a quarter of the pan of noodles (only one at a time though), on the floor. I'm so irritated with this day and want it to be over right this second.

I put him to bed. Finally some peace and quiet. At least for a little while.

I had a dream that I saw my dad and Jesus. It was in a strange surrounding though. Everyone was in a gym playing soccer. We were on the sidelines in a corner. Neither one of them spoke any words to me. I asked each of them to hold me. And they did.

My dreams as a pregnant lady are either SUPER vivid (as in details), or sexual. I like it. lol.

I have decided that the reason things are so hard right now is because I am not being a good one. I definately have to work on some stuff in order to receive the blessings we so desperately need right now. It's hard to want to work at anything when all I feel is negativity.

I'm going to eat. Again.

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  1. OOOOO- you made me want a Bologna/ney sadwich!!! Mmmm... I've always hated fish sticks though...