Memory (the game) is my favorite. I am the worst at it though because I never can remember where the matches are. Everyone else always wins and I am surprisingly okay with it. I'm usually very competitive and get in a bad mood if I don't win. Anyway, this has nothing to do with the following.

I'm joining the people that have been posting that thing about leaving a memory about me (because I am amazing). So, do as you know best and leave a memory that you and I have had together. It's okay if we only met one time in the store, tell me about that. I bet we "connected".

I'll leave you one. I'll try anyway. If I don't remember, its because i forgot. I still like you though.

I'm desperate people. :-)


  1. hmmm... I love the story behind the first time we had you guys over for dinner...

    I also loved the day we found out each other's secret about how we both 'eat' bubble gum. From then on, we ate gum... ALOT. Even had chewing contests!

    I probably also loved playing Catan alll the time, even tho you are waaay competitive and didn't share. But we liked to keep the 'elephants' up so we'd yell

  2. I remember doing the play with you. Being a little jealous of you getting a lead roll. When we moved to Chino and I met you I thought you were too cool! I loved that you have and boldly declaired, a fav. number 3! I also loved hearing your near death exparances ever time I saw you you were telling us how you almost died. I'm sure there are more memories of typical Chino stuff I got to be part of for a while.

  3. I would have to say my favorite memory is the night we went to the premiere of Batman!!

    ...or the time you guys lured me and megan reese to the park and then ambushed us with shaving cream and silly string...good times good times

  4. so many favorite times. i loved how I could always be myself and not worry that what I really think would be taken the wrong way.

    I loved watching Jackson. He would smile and make me happy when all the world was crushing in on me.

    I loved that we are both girly and prefer motels instead of dirt.

    I love that we are moving to northern Cali. Soon.

  5. My favorites include the thousands of times you could have gotten me in lots of trouble... the first Alyssa lesson where we had a three hour talk about commandments and you got pissed at me, and Mexican Delicious. Yum Yum.