I Suppose

What I really wanna say is I hate "World of Warcraft". I really do. I used to pretend that it didn't bother me that David played it but it totally does. He was on hiatus from it for awhile (since we moved) and it has been fantastic. Until today.

I woke up to him NOT building a boat, but instead playing. I try not to be angry but I have my justifications. First of all, it costs like a million dollars a month. Okay, I think it's only $15, but still. And secondly, it's a waste of time UNLESS (got that) UNLESS he is playing with his brothers late at night when I am sleeping. That's fair right?

I've tried to think of something that might compare to the game in my life that he might hate. Maybe he hates me blogging and Myspacing so much. Yeah? Maybe he hates that I sleep so much. I have reasons for all of my wasted time. I'm pregnant. And.... I'm pregnant. Oh yeah, and I have to keep in touch with people right?

At least I am going to be SO skinny soon. In a few months at least. My doctor told me I am fat. I went to my new Doc here in AZ. I love him. The office he resides in is the classiest thing I have ever experienced. And here I show up in stretchy pants, with a child in tow, and another one on the way. Chelsi comes too. She probably made us look better. Anyway, I fit in real well. Oh wait. El Doc was real nice though. He said "I'd like to see you working out at least 30 minutes a day." I responded and said, "So you're basically not allowed to tell your patients they are fat." And he goes, "We're allowed to say anything we want, but we should probably be nice." It was all in a jokingly sweet way. I was not sad. Needless to say, I haven't worked out. Probably never will until this is all over. It hurts to bad. "They" say you shouldn't do anything that makes you have pain. So... there. I'm excited because I am important. I say that because Mr. Doc has to deliver me because I am a hopeful VBAC (Vaginal birth after C Section). So that's cool huh? I really don't want to have a C Section. Too much pain.

I'm gonna go eat something now. I always eat. I'm starting to feel little girls limbs pushing me around. It's nice. That's a lie, but it's really neat. Yeah neat.


  1. I hate WofW too and my husband doesn't even play it, but I have know of too many married women who suffer from that stupid game- too harsh? I think not!
    And I say don't worry about your weight while you are pregnant. It is the only time that you can feel fully justified. Somedays I wish I was pregnant again for the only reason of eating whatever I want, whenever.
    And I was a successful VBAC so you can totally do it!

  2. YAY for VBAC. Your dr is so nice and talented to do something like that :) I'm happy for you and will hope for the ultimate best... So how's jack-jack today. I hope today is better, and think you should eat brownies and ice cream...

    blood test today, come with me!

  3. You can do a VBAC!!! I had my first c-sec and the next 4 all at home vbac. Just really educate yourself on everything. It is so worth doing. Don't worry about your eating and stuff you have to grow a baby from what you have.