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So, I'm in a bad mood today. A number of things have not gone right, thus I name today my "Hater Day". Everything seems to be pissing me off. I'd like to make a list of people/events/things I hate:

1. Miserable people who feel bad for themselves and write about it in their status on Myspace/Facebook profiles just so we will all feel sorry for them and write more comments.

2. The people at Blogger and Myspace change my main page without even asking.

3. The lady at Barnes and Noble who said to my sister and I (who were sitting on the floor in a back isle of the store) "There are seats at the Cafe." Chubi.

4. People who cancel on me when I am clearly looking forward to getting together. When I am stuck inside for several days at a time, an "outing" is a huge deal.

5. Diarrhea.

6. Waking up hot and sweaty in the middle of the night to a husband who is snoring super loud who then says to me after asking him to turn on his side, "Aren't there earplugs in the bathroom?"

7. Bugs down my shirt, specifically in my bra that get lost in the mountains that reside there.

8. Being able to count my chins.

9. The fat girl at the mall playland that was WAY too tall to even be there in the first place. And the kid that kicked Jackson off the slide.

10. Other peoples children. I hate them. (Unless I know them of course. Don't pee your pants. Geez).


I was gonna write more but I figured that's enough negativity to get me through the night. My sister would be so mad about this post. She would tell me it's all about attitude, or she would tell me to listen to the Wayne Dyer CD # 97856. Just kidding sis, I love you.

It's time for me to sleep. It's way past my bedtime. I have to check for bugs. I am serious. They are EVERYWHERE.

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  1. I'm sorry that your sister would be mad at this blog. I LOVE it. Not that I love that there's so much for a "hater day", but that I know that sometimes people need to vent. And I think sometimes it's probably a good thing to realize that our day has been a "hater day", but know that tomorrow's another day.
    I hope your tomorrows get better.