I Mostly Don't Care

I really get angry when I read some people's blogs. Mostly the ones within the clique that I don't belong to. Why do I give them my business by clicking on their site? I don't know... I'm gonna stop. I'm also going to unsubscribe. That's right beeyotches, it's over. I will never give your site to another person in the world because frankly, you are selfish and won't do it for me. There. It's over. We are broken up.

Now that I have officially wasted my energy and time, I am going to focus on more important things. Like the rain outside. It was been raining for several minutes now and I love it. There is lightening and cool air and happiness everywhere. Everyone should come over so we can party.

We are going to Texas Roadhouse tonight. I am going to throw peanuts on the ground. And I will probably also throw them in peoples hair. I'm feeling angry today can you tell? I think it's because I am pregnant or something. I don't know. I just like to use that as an excuse and for the most part, it works. For example, the other day I was hanging out with Picsag and Asian and I got to pick where we ate because I am pregnant. They said once I have la bebe, It's over. So I'm soaking it up people. I love how everyone tells me I can eat everything, and sleep a lot and not do anything... and it's totally cool. I might have 98 more babies just so I can be lazy for the rest of my life.

I'm going to watch TV and eat cookies. And I can. Because I'm pregnant.


  1. hey throw a peanut in someone's hair for me!!!

  2. Can you throw a handful of peanuts for me! That sounds fun... find someone that looks annoying, even a stranger...and go to town throwing peanuts!! If you're feeling extra annoyed, you can throw gum.. that's fun too! Have fun!

  3. Tell me how the peanut-hair turned out! Sounds fanTAStic...