Am I the only one in the world that things it is slightly ridiculous that boys can be half dressed in pictures and it's fine, yet a girl is ridiculed and judged when she does the same?

Browsing Myspace, one is clearly able to see that there are NUMEROUS boys who pose with their pants mostly down and shirts off and it's super cool, but girls in bikinis are "Myspace sluts". No way people. I will not put up with this... especially when it's LDS boys and girls doing the posting AND judging. I could name a handful of young ones I know that are both Mormon and scantily clothed who are listed as my Myspace friends. It's not a good one. I judge them all. I suppose I wouldn't if I was skinny and beautiful and could be confident in baring my body like that. Then I would totally post pictures just as they do. lol. Maybe. But probably not. I bet the next "counsel" to come out will have to do with Myspace and posing naked or something like that. And I mean that in a sweet way, not in a "I-am-bitter-about-stupid-rules" kind of way. Oh wait.

I bring this up mostly because I am a feminist. Again, look up that definition if you don't know the true meaning. And find one that is positive. Because not all of us are crazy wackos. Anyway, it's just not fair that women are treated so differently even in the online world. There are numerous words for women deemed sexually promiscuous but only a tiny amount for men. What the... ?

So while I am not all about naked young people pictures at any time, I am even more not about girls being called slutty when boys do the same thing!!! Its super lame. I'm going to take sexy Myspace pictures now.


  1. That's funny that you say that about myspace. We were actually counseled in stake conference by our stake president to NOT have myspace pages.
    Too bad those kids dont understand how important and sacred their sexuality is. Someone needs to tell them. I elect you! LOL
    'what a world, what a world, what a world!'

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  3. I agree!
    The bodies and sexuality of us ALL are amazing gifts. Too bad the Rest of the world doesn't get it.
    Hope you're doing well!