Walking on Sunshine

Jackson is officially walking. I think he started yesterday... while I was gone. I am so mad about that. Everyone told me that he would walk everywhere and even when he fell, he would get up and walk again. OMG! That's amazing.

So I saw it in action today. My baby is totally growing up. No one realizes what a big deal it is. It totally is. I want everyone to stop and stare at him when he walks because it's huge!!! If I was really cool, I would post a picture or something. I have a video. I'll have to do that tomorrow because right now I just want to get done with post because I am sweating profusely. It's gross. I have the knee sweat at all. I was reading the herbal remedy book and they have something to help out with pregnant sweaty women. What's Da Wanksta's term for that? I can't remember.

What else is new? Nothing. Well some things. I can't really think right now. But I hope everyone is super happy that Jackson is walking. Can everyone stand up and clap? K thanks.

P.S... Did I mention that David got a job? We are gonna be richies again. We'll be able to afford our own toilet paper soon. That's exciting huh? Speaking of toilet paper... I need some soon. Like right now actually.


  1. WAY TO GO JACKSON!! Lisa- that is so exciting... kinda sad that they just turn into "boy" overnite and goodbye baby, huh? I clapped for all of you! YIPEE on the job! Miss you! Call me soon.

  2. Hooray for both Jackson and David! Walking IS huge! I'd love to see it so post the video after your knees stop sweating!

  3. YEA JACKSON! That is awesome! Whenmy nephew started walking, I did just stair! It was kind of amazing to me. Kind of funny to see too. YEA DAVID!! Where did he get a job?

  4. I can't believe I am missing out! I tried so hard to get him to walk before you left...I wish you were here so he could chase Avery around and take all her toys. I miss that.

  5. Exciting stuff! That's awesome! The baby around my house is thinking about starting to try to walk. Sometimes he stands by himself for a few seconds, & he'll walk around if you hold his fingers. I know that before I know it he's going to really be walking, & it just makes him seem so BIG!!!! Yay for Jackson!

    Yay for work too! I can relate to the joys of a new paycheck, & the pleasure of being able to buy simple things again... like groceries! ha ha Enjoy buying your own TP again!

  6. yay!!! thats so awesome about everything!!