WHy do people choose to divulge all their secrets to the online world? I do it too, I am just curious. Geez. So much has happened.

I'm starting to feel the swelling in my feet. Swankles here I come. That's the term David and i came up with. Swollen Ankles. A lot of people call them cankles but I like my word better. I do hate this keyboard though. I'm at my mama's house. They keyboard sticks. I'm just not going to correct any falsities caused by it. It's too annoying.

Pregnancy. No one even knows what it's like. Oh wait, that was a joke. Unless you have been pregnant or are right now, don't talk to me. I hate feeling fat and gross. Especially right now. IT's too stressful of a time to worry about double chins and "fat pants" as Jaime would call them. I try not to be bothered by the fact that I know people judge me. I know, I Know. Right now my sister would say "what other people think of you is not your business." It's funny though, I know my family is secretly talking about how big I am cause they do it about other people. I think after thinking about this, I'm gonna stop talking about peoples size and focus more on their.... shoes. I was so wonderful about this at one time in my life. I wonder what happened. I just have to change.

Oh yeah, we made it to AZ. I swear this trip was the hardest of my life. Again, putting away my exaggeration, it really was. David was miserable, & so was I. It made for a very interesting trip. If you have never traveled with the Nickles, you need to in order to understand what I am talking about. Not that it was bad, just very eventful. My favorite moment of the whole trip was the last night. We were stuck in ABQ for many reasons. We sat in the parking lot of a hospital as we tried to come up with a plan. I swear I texted my mom 5 different times with 5 different plans. Eventually she told me she had to go to bed and wished me luck. lol. Really funny.

We are recouperating here in Paulden. As we drove into town I said to David "Paulden never looked so good." It's true. I am loving my moms cooking, the nice unhumid weather, and the company of my parents.

It's never been so hard for David and I. Of course I am not alone when I say that money is tough. It's real tough. I've never had this kind of stress about it though. We actually don't have any money. What we do have is a negative balance (see blog Title). I wish I had some money to pay in tithing because it seems we are always blessed after we pay. Maybe I'll get the coins from my ashtray. So as I write, we are trying to come up with ways to make a little money to get us started in Phoenix. Pray that I get a job okay?

I love everyone.


  1. Lisa- I am so sorry. I totally know how you feel with being pregnant! Poor thing! I love your swankles term! Reminds me of troblems and other words we had fun with! I am really inspired by your testimony of tithing! How awesome! Have so much fun in great ol' Paulden- I wish I was there to see you, David and your kiddo! Love you guys and good luck with the move and money...I am so sorry....We will keep you in our prayers!

  2. Would it help if I sold your tv? and your washing machine? and your bed? and your laundry baskets? and books? and piano? and truck? and crafty stuff?

    and yes, the nickle way of things does seem very, um, unpredictable. always an adventure though.

    yes pregnancy is rough. our husbands will never understand. remember that guy on oprah though? or was it a girl? he knows what it is like. at least you are having a girl. she will be the cutest.

  3. Lisa!! I wish I could give you a big hug right now!! *air hug* I'm sorry everything is so difficult right now...If there is anything I can do let me know! seriously. I love you so much and I'll keep you in my prayers:)