The Move-ish

So we are on our way to PHX. It's nuts. I don't really have anything exciting to report except that I hate everyone. I know right? What an attitude. The first day of driving was long and arduous. I don't know how to spell that word but it's the one I want to use. Jackson was awful. Can't blame him. Being stuck in a car seat for 10 hours with hardly any sleep... eh not so fun. We made it to some place. I can't remember the name. Jackson didn't sleep much that night either. David has to be the one to calm him down. Have i mentioned that he loves his dad? Anyway, then we drove on to Nauvoo. I remember it being more humid than PA but not this humid. I swear it's 100 percent humidity here. I tried to look up the weather and take a screen shot but I don't want to save a dumb picture on Abe and Janells computer (they have been gracious enough to let me use it). Anyway, it's only 80 %, What am I saying? ONLY... Okay. So I think I might be crazy. I just did some comparison shopping for weather and it says that Lock Haven is at 100% humidity. Maybe it's cause its only 67 degrees there. I don't know. Ugh. All i know is that whenever I'm outside here in Nauvoo, I'm miserable. Miserably hot and sweaty and gross.

I remember that last time we were here in Nauvoo. It was fun. Better than this time. I'll tell more later since everyone is just getting here.

Okay, so anyway. The last time i was here, I was with David and his family before his mission. It was super fun. Him and I made out a lot unbeknownst to his family. Or maybe they weren't as clueless as I think. :) It was a fabulous trip. We grew so close on that trip. David was the first live endowment to go through the newly constructed Nauvoo temple. How cool is that? He is a legend here.

This trip has obviously been a lot less eventful. We were lucky enough to go see the Nauvoo pageant which his family was in. It was SOOO super fun to watch. Ross was so great. I don't usually get to see him that animated. Jolyne, Adam and Jacob all did really well too. I loved it. I didn't love Jackson wandering everywhere. David wasn't able to see much since he is the preferred parent for Jackson. lol. It was still okay. Oh yeah, I found it to be extra hilarious that they had every Coke product available EXCEPT for the ones with caffeine. And don't you worry, I made a special trip to the snack stand just to find that out. I know right? I'm awful.

That's really all that has happened. I spend most of the day in the hotel today sleeping and making secret trips (okay trip) to Sonic. I haven't seen one since being in AZ. Anyway, I'm much happier now that I have some sleep behind me.

I kind of wish there was a magical drug or spell I could put on myself and my spouse to make communication better. I actually wish I was Harry Potter. He can fly on a broom AND do spells. That would be the ultimate combination. Imagine cleaning your kitchen one day and then deciding to fly away just cause you could, on the broomstick in your hand! Love it. Anyway, off the topic. I basically just hope things work out. Yup. Wish us luck.


  1. Brian's aunt Mary Jane does the Nauvoo pagent every year. And I know how it feel to have the whiney kid in the car seat...I understand how you feel.

  2. Anonymous22 July, 2008

    Hey Lisa~ I wanted to let you know that I have tAgGeD you... come and take a look!

  3. oh, shoot. i sure do loves you! i'm glad you made that trip to the snack bar. you make my day!