What I really wanna say

is Congratulations to my cheerleaders. Everyone did fabulous.
What I really wanna say is:
I'm tired.
I'm hungry.
I am absolutely  fedd uup witthh thee exxtraa letterrs. I willl NOOOOTTT readdd annything annymoree that hasss exxtra letters. Does anyone else read it like it says? I end up sounding like an idiot in my own head. Blah.
I am going to go yard sale-ing tomorrow for clothes for Jackson only. I have to promise myself not to get anything else. I don't need more junk.
I haven't watched American Idol from this week... the one where someone gets cut. I think I might know though because it seems to be all over the news or somesing.
I am happy for Picsag and Asian that they are getting married. It makes me super happy.
I basically am a hater right now and hate everyone and everything. Including but not limited to, humidity, crackers on the floor, principles who have power trips, my phone battery dying, the way I bite my cuticles, and more things I don't want to say.
What I really want to say though:

is I love your mom a lot. I do. Because if she didn't have S-e-x with your dad, then you wouldn't be here. 

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