The Dripping Faucet

I hate that sound. We have one in our kitchen and in the bathroom. It's not a good one. It goes in the bracket of loud chewing as one of the most annoying sounds ever. I'm too lazy to get up and turn the faucet so hard it's impossible to get it back on again. I hate that too.

Oooh hate is a strong word. Oh well. I hate a lot of things right now.

We picked our cheer squads tonight. It was a good time. I'm excited about it I think. This week we held clinics at which we taught a dance, a cheer and did some stunting. The girls tried out today in front of us four coaches. We have some super good girls and some not-so-good ones. They all tried hard and for that I am happy.

Besides the high school drama I feel like I am dealing with on a constant basis (maybe I'm feeling that way because I have been around high schoolers for awhile now), life is pretty good. David and I have managed to keep our kitchen clean for 3 days straight. And yesterday while I napped on the couch, he spent several minutes (maybe hours) cleaning our bathroom. That has stayed clean for 24 hours now. Miracles do happen.

Scoot. I love that word. I'm gonna get a cat and name it Scooter. If anyone dares steal it, I'll come after your and bite your fingers off.

I feel like screaming loudly into a pillow for some reason. It's a good time.

Goodbye everyone. I'm gonna go work out. Alone.

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