Christmas Happiness 2

So we are here in AZ. It's Christmas day number 2 and I am happy. We are here with the Nickle clan. It's always such and adventure being here. I love it. I love it because all the kids play together and they entertain themselves. Even Jackson already loves his cousins.
Let me please just rant a little bit about the whole experience in the airport. Okay I won't really. But I kind of will. We got up at 3 thirty in the morning. We went from Williamsport to Philly and did not get on 2 flights there. We finally got on one at like five or something. We didn't get into Phoenix till 11 or so. It was a good one. At least we are here now.
I like people that respond to blogs. Not just mine, anyone. Thanks to people who responded to my sex one. I like talking about it. I'm open and if anyone wants to chat, I'm available. Not in the sense that I'm available available, but I'm available to speak to you.
Well, it's time for me to go eat more Christmas cookies (that I made). It's crazy because there are 13 kids that are staying here right now, but right now there is none. I'm going to bask in the quietness.

Happy day to everyone. I love this day. 

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