I just got my eyebrows waxed

It was a good time too. They are all pink and stuff. It looks like I have makeup on. But just on my upper brow (that I have now). I'm so excited to see that I have eyes. I have manbrows but because they are so light, you can't tell. Now don't even think about staring at them when you see me. Because I will know.
I'm a little bit mad at david right now. We went to dinner tonight with the missionaries. And I didn't want to drive home so I went to sit in the back seat with Jackson. I told Elder Knecht that he had to sit next to me (Holdaway was in the front). And so David threw this big fit. And so did I. I wasn't willing to budge. He tried to pull me out and I just held on. It was so fun. Oh wait. No it wasn't. It's not ANYWHERE in the white handbook of rules that a missionary can't sit next to a girl. I even told him that I wouldn't try and touch his inner thigh or anything. Ugh. I hate Mormon culture.
Other than that, I am totally not excited to talk in church. well I am a little bit. But mostly not so much. It's a good time. I'm talking on enrichment. Cool huh?
Well, I think I'll go for now. My hands always get super cold when I write blogs. I don't know why. I love Myspace. I want to have a party. I'm starting my diet for SURE tomorrow.


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