Christmas Happiness 1

So if you are underage and are not comfortable with the topic of sex, don't read this blog. I wrote a deceiving subject line because that's what I do.
Okay here I go. It's ranting and raving time. Sometimes I get in these moods. It could be a long one.
Okay. I belong to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (Mormon, L.D.S., etc.). My disclaimer is this: I know that the principles it teaches are true and good and I love them. However, I have a problem with the culture. Most of you know that already. The part of the culture I would like to talk about today is the stigma attached to the concept of sex.
When I was growing up a teenager in the church, I ALWAYS felt guilty about liking boys, dating and kissing. Much of this guilt came from my own self and my own thoughts BUT I cannot deny that what I learned in church contributed to that as well. We never talked about dating, and sex and kissing in ways that would have helped me to better understand what was indeed right and what was "wrong". This is especially true of sex. I can say that most churches probably do not give lessons in Sunday School on sex but I think that there needs to be somewhat of an education on it. So for 21 years of my life I thought "sex is bad, i'll go to hell if I even think about it." Then all of a sudden I am married and it is great and good and wonderful. As Ellen would say, "Whhuuuuuuuuuuttttt?"
I'm talking about this because there are a lot of girls out there that go to  churches that teach similar principles to mine, who are going to get married soon and have probaly thought the same thing as me.  In an instant when the words "I do", are spoken, they are allowed to do it like bunnies if they want. They are gonna get to their hotel and think "What now? Do we take off our clothes and do it?" Who is gonna tell them? No one told me. Good thing I had an open environment at home and good thing David and I at least talked about it before we were married so it wasn't that awkward. But still... many don't.
When I get the chance, believe me, I am going to have that lesson on sex and kissing and dating. Because it's all good... at the right time.
Now on to other fun stuff. David, Jackson and I celebrated Christmas today. Jackson was not at all interested. He sat in his bouncy chair and didn't pay attention much. David and I had a good one though. He got me a new coat that reminds me of one Blair wore on Gossip Girl. I love that show and I love my new coat. I'm popular.
Also, I'm flying on Christmas Eve. Please pray that we make all of our flights. Thanks.

I should go pack or something. 

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