Church and ugly people

This blog will be twofold. First will be the good. Second will be the bad.

I would first like to mention the desire I have within my heart to be and do good. Jenny, David and I had a nice talk yesterday about a few different things and I listened to what they both had to say. David said something that really hit home. He talked about how when he feels the spirit, his desire to be better increases. This is sometimes not easy because it's not what we wants to do all of the time. Sometimes its hard, sometimes its not "convenient" and sometimes its just not easy. It's too hard to deny that feeling though. Theres no way to NOT be motivated to change when you feel the spirit. I feel the same way. And so it is.

I went to all three hours of church today. That included sacrament, Sunday school, and Relief Society. It was the first time in a long time that I had actually been to the classes I should actually be attending. It felt super good. Jenny did it too and I am so proud of us. I realized in Sunday school, that I have a desire to read the scriptures and work on my relationship with God. I find that I am MUCH happier as a person when I am doing those things.
Now for the not so good. It's complaining time.
First of all, ugly people should NOT have babies. People with nasty hair that have children with rotting teeth should not produce others that will probably yield the same results.
Secondly, I found that I hate people who take pictures with the kissy face. Granted, it's cute sometimes, but not ALL of the time. Come on. My opinion is that people who do the kissy face are trying to make their face look skinnier. Well I know their secret. It's not hot. It's totally not sexy. It's fun when you're doing it with another person, or you're in a group of people and they are all doing it. OrĂ¢€¦ ok. That's about the only time its acceptable. Otherwise, I think you look stupid. Now I'm not talking about anyone specifically, in fact, I'm probably talking about the people on Myspace that I look at and judge because it's fun.

Oooh and thirdly, I love my baby. He's a dang cute one and is getting cuter every day. He likes to sing (he pretends by making long ooooohhh sounds). It's a good time. I like it more and more every day.  

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