Underage Mormons

So in celebration of the Sabbath day, I decided to write about yet another really great subject I LOVE so much. Okay, I hate. Its underage Mormons. This is a term my sister Steph came up with, and I am borrowing, because I think it is lovely. And it makes me laugh everytime I say it.
The definition of an underage Mormon to me is "... one who gets married at 17/18, and is pregnant and having children 9 months later." Now please, if you are an underage Mormon yourself, do not write me a hate letter explaining why you did what you did, or why you think I am a terrible person for judging you. Because I really don't care. Okay, there may be a tiny part in my heart that cares a little, but not enough to do anything about it.

Seriously. I looked at probably 5 profiles today of girls who are Mormon, age 18/19 and with 2 kids. OH MY GOSH! Please people. Stop the madness. Use birth control. God will still love you. So you know, I generalize the term "underage MORMONS" because it seems to be a cultural phenomenon within this religion. I can't figure out where it comes from either. We are never told when or how many babies to have, but we must think the world is gonna run out of people or something. No. Not gonna happen. And yes, there are many precious spirits up there waiting for a chance to come down, but they can come down in a couple of years when underagers become more legal and ready. I'm sure they wouldn't mind.

I think my biggest issue comes from the fact that these people do not even know their spouses. How are you going to know if you really like this person you are gonna be with (for eternity), when you have known him/her for 3 months? And you want to produce offspring? ugh.

Also, I really think that people sometimes get the impression that babies make things better. No. I actually can't say myself whether this is true or not (yet), but from my educational understanding (ha ha), I would say babies make things a little more difficult. So get to know your spouse a little more, and enjoy your marriage before it's taken over by a bundle of joy.

Don't worry, I am  only 23.5 years old. I realize this is young. But I feel okay with my baby alien coming because David and I have known each other almost 10 years and have been married 2. Yes. I brag about it because I am popular. And once again, I do what I want. So don't point out the fact that I am young myself. Because I know it and love it.

DISCLAIMER: These are the opinions of Lisa Nickle and solely represent her own beliefts/attitudes. The events depicted are fictional and do not represent those of any known persons. In case of coincidence, please take your complaints to someone who is sweet and will give you cookies. 

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