Before I start the seriousness, I am just going to say that I have become VERY frustrated with dropping things on the floor. It is SO hard to pick stuff up off the floor and I get in a little bit of a bad mood every time it happens.

I'm starting a new chapter in my life soon. It was supposed to be today (my due date. Even though it's not really till the 1st). But I am also starting another chapter as well. I'm working on self-care. I am going to quote Melody Beattie because she says it well. Pretend I am saying it though.

"Self-care is an attitude toward ourselves and our lives that says, I am responsible for myself. I am responsible for leading or not living my life. I am responsible for tending to my spiritual, emotional, physical, and financial well-being. I am responsible for identifying and meeting my needs. I am responsible for solving my problems or learning to live with those I cannot solve. I am responsible for my choices. I am responsible for what I give and receive. I am also responsible for setting and achieving my goals. I am responsible for how much I enjoy life, for how much pleasure I find in daily activities. I am responsible for whom I love and how I choose to express this love. I am responsible for what I do to other and for what I allow others to do to me. I am responsible for my wants and desires. All of me, every aspect of my being, is important. I count for something. I matter. My feelings can be trusted. My thinking is appropriate. I value my wants and needs. I do not deserve and will not tolerate abuse or constant mistreatment. I have rights, and it is my responsibility to assert these rights. The decisions I make and the way I conduct myself will reflect my high self-esteem. My decisions will take into account my responsibilities.

This is my new pledge. To myself, to David, my friends, My God. I'm not saying I will be perfect. I still have a lot to learn. But I am working on it and will continue to work on it until I become pretty good at it. Thanks…..

P.S. David stepped on a large piece of glass today and we had to go to the ER. He now has 21 stitches in his foot. He is crippled and so am I (basically). Feel bad for us please. Nah... jk. 

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