This one's NOT for you.

Yes. My blog is private because I hate everyone. This is basically what it said.
1. Some of my good friends forgot about my birthday and I am sad.
2. Mike got married today.

That is all.

I am happy for Mike and Kristi. They are a beautiful couple and will make pretty babies. I am excited for the cute pictures of him and I and my babooshka  to come out.

Brian and Sharai are the best ones ever. I am so thankful to them for making my life a happy one. I love taking Sharai's pants off. Skinny, Skinny everywhere..... bleep those skinny bleepes. (edited for children's eyes).

No one will read this anyway so why do I even write it? I don't know. Have a nice day to those who do and I am sorry for being lame. No I am not. But I loke you. 

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