My trip

Crazy how I woke up yesterday in AZ and today I woke up in PA. It's kind of a weird sensation. I haven't been here in approximately 3 weeks yet  I feel like this is home.

I realized so much on my trip to AZ. The most important being that I love my family very much but I don't like the way the world affects their relationships. I am not saying I don't have the same issues, but I realized how much different priorities in peoples lives, really affect who they are. That sounds like a bunch of mumble jumble but it makes sense in my mind.

Christmas was great as usual. Yes, a little stressful but fun. David and I agreed and advised our younger siblings to marry someone from a different town, or at least from somewhere an hour away so that holidays are not crazy. It's too hard to do two Christmas's and two Thanksgivings... not so fun. Rewarding, yes. Stressful, no thanks.

My mom gave me this Laffy Taffy pillow that I love. It's so great. I want to eat it. I wish someone would make me a gigantic taffy to eat. yum. I want that right now.

I give thanks to Brian and Sharai for being the good friends they are. It really meant so much that they were willing to hold a car wash in my name on order to keep me there a little longer. Makes me cry just thinking about it. It could also be the hormones.

Speaking of hormones, I don't think I have even talked about the fact that I am with child on myspace yet. Probably because I don't believe in that crap. Exploiting my pregnancy on the world wide web... I don't think so. But I am having a little one and I am really excited. This will probably be the place I talk about it most (in blogs) because I like it. I am 18 weeks along and feeling really good. I am due May 28th and am really excited. I won't lie, it took me a while to get to that place... the place of excitement. When it came though, it was a good one. It mostly happened when I heard the heartbeat and then saw the 4D movement of our little alien (that's what he looks like). Yes we are calling him a him because that's what we think him's is.

Anyway, I am happy to be home, I am happy to love PA even though it is cold. And I am happy to know you. If you are reading this blog, you are a good friend. Thank you. 

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