It's Time

I haven't written a blog in awhile. Well not really awhile... but a little while. I used to write them a lot. I should take advantage of them more often. It's like a journal you know...

I am excited only at the thought of returning to see my family and friends for the Christmas season. It's pretty much what is holding me together right now. I miss them like crazy. It's a hard one.

I don't miss the Pauldenness of it all. I've been talking to my mom a lot lately and the stuff that is going on there is INSANE. I remember why I left. PA is pretty. Although it is getting ugly with all the leaves falling and stuff. It hasn't snowed yet. I am crossing my fingers too. Only because we are building our house and want to get a roof on before the white stuff comes.

Life is interesting. I am listening to some beautiful piano music right now. It is very inspiring. It's amazing how life/God throws things in your path to see how you will do. I don't always think I am going to pass those tests. Somehow I always do even if it's just barely.

I miss everyone real bad. Cheltst, Mom, Dad, Dare, Steph, Kevin, Emmy, Sharai, Leann, my Roommate, Chelle, Tessa, all my granparents, Sheena, Janell, Ross, Jolyne, all the bros and sisters-in-law, nieces, nephews, Shayna, Lydia, E. Hoffman, E. Hunsaker, and more....... the time will come though. 

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