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Wednesday, August 30, 2006
Interesting. I just read the intro. to my new school book titled "Gendered Lives" by Julia Wood. I have only read the intro. and am already SO very excited for this class. She starts out by telling a little bit about herself and then goes on to say that she is a feminist. Along with that though, she defines feminism in a way that hit home for me. It is the way I have felt all along but the negative connotation of the word makes me afraid to say so. She says Simply put, my feminism means I am against oppression, be it the oppression of women, men, specific sexualities, or sexual orientations, particular race-ethnicities, elderly people, children, animals, or our planet. Agreed. Right there. I dont hate men, or want to bash them all the time, I simply want equality. Is that so bad? I didnt think so.
Even in the introduction of myself  for this class I said that I was a feminist at heart because I couldnt announce it out loud because I was afraid of the response I might receive.

I am also reading a book titled The Four Agreements. My sis told me about this book and it is changing my life too. People say and do things because of their own issues. One of the agreements is to not take things personally. I am going to work on that too. This has simply been a fulfilling day in the life of Lisa. How exciting!!! 

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Friday, August 4, 2006
I was thinking today, well not really today, but just right now, about how much I love cheer. I really really really miss my girls at CVHS but I love love love my Cheer Force Pumas. Its a good time. I basically miss everyone and everything at this time.

The two missionaries who have been serving in this area are BOTH leaving tomorrow. It is a rare occasion when this happens and a sad one at that. Both of them have become my very good friends. I hate mission rules. I am going to rewrite the little white handbook of missionary rules. Especially the one about not being able to hug people. That sucks. I know it seems silly that missionaries of all people are my good friends but its true. They live right above us and I have gotten real tight with them. They are the constants in my life. And right now there isnt a lot of that.

Its just a missing day for me. I miss my family tons too. Thank goodness they come October 7th. That will be a good time.

David and I took a walk today. A long one. I love Lock Haven.

Its weird how random I am huh? I loke it though. I miss Sharai and Asian too. I wonder if they will read this. I havent heard from them in awhile. It must be because Sharai is in a bad mood all the time because she cant have Arbys as much anymore.

I miss my dad a lot too. Its so crazy how I go through these phases where I will be fine for a long time and then all of a sudden I miss everyone terribly. I think that must be normal or something. Maybe not.

Anyway, this is enough for now. I hope someone comes and visits me soon.

For real?

I realize upon reading other peoples blogs, that life is crazy for everyone! Everyone has their own issues. Here are mine.

I guess they aren't really issues. Some of them are actually blessings. Like yesterday when a guy called me from the YMCA for an interview. I am so excited. I would LOVE to work there. Too much cheer is driving me crazy. I love my Pumas. Especially my big girl Puma's. Yes.Yesterdays practice was amazing and there is no way I will leave them.

On a secret side note, I just don't know about everything else. I really miss my family and friends right now. Seriously, I can't coach 6 squads either. It's just too much. I think I am going to stick with my Puma's only and do my YMCA job along with school. Yeah. That is a good idea. Sorry to everyone else.

I hope my sisters come to visit me. Except when they come they won't want to leave. Yeah. seriously. It's pretty here. I miss them too. I miss my whole family. Mike called me today which was a real nice surprise. I loved talking to him. He is my favorite brother. Ok. He is my only brother. Well real brother.

Another one of my hopes is that NO MORE 19 or 20 year olds will get pregnant. Seriously they are EVERYWHERE. The reason this bothers me so much is because these girls are either newly married, or not married at all. They haven't even experienced life yet. They haven't even had the chance to get to know their husband or boyfriend or whatever. It's so lame. and it needs to stop. If you have a problem with it, I don't care.

I love everyone. It's been a good time lately. I hope everyone comes to visit me. The end.