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I was thinking today, well not really today, but just right now, about how much I love cheer. I really really really miss my girls at CVHS but I love love love my Cheer Force Pumas. Its a good time. I basically miss everyone and everything at this time.

The two missionaries who have been serving in this area are BOTH leaving tomorrow. It is a rare occasion when this happens and a sad one at that. Both of them have become my very good friends. I hate mission rules. I am going to rewrite the little white handbook of missionary rules. Especially the one about not being able to hug people. That sucks. I know it seems silly that missionaries of all people are my good friends but its true. They live right above us and I have gotten real tight with them. They are the constants in my life. And right now there isnt a lot of that.

Its just a missing day for me. I miss my family tons too. Thank goodness they come October 7th. That will be a good time.

David and I took a walk today. A long one. I love Lock Haven.

Its weird how random I am huh? I loke it though. I miss Sharai and Asian too. I wonder if they will read this. I havent heard from them in awhile. It must be because Sharai is in a bad mood all the time because she cant have Arbys as much anymore.

I miss my dad a lot too. Its so crazy how I go through these phases where I will be fine for a long time and then all of a sudden I miss everyone terribly. I think that must be normal or something. Maybe not.

Anyway, this is enough for now. I hope someone comes and visits me soon.

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