Interesting. I just read the intro. to my new school book titled "Gendered Lives" by Julia Wood. I have only read the intro. and am already SO very excited for this class. She starts out by telling a little bit about herself and then goes on to say that she is a feminist. Along with that though, she defines feminism in a way that hit home for me. It is the way I have felt all along but the negative connotation of the word makes me afraid to say so. She says Simply put, my feminism means I am against oppression, be it the oppression of women, men, specific sexualities, or sexual orientations, particular race-ethnicities, elderly people, children, animals, or our planet. Agreed. Right there. I dont hate men, or want to bash them all the time, I simply want equality. Is that so bad? I didnt think so.
Even in the introduction of myself  for this class I said that I was a feminist at heart because I couldnt announce it out loud because I was afraid of the response I might receive.

I am also reading a book titled The Four Agreements. My sis told me about this book and it is changing my life too. People say and do things because of their own issues. One of the agreements is to not take things personally. I am going to work on that too. This has simply been a fulfilling day in the life of Lisa. How exciting!!! 

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