The secret it out

Current mood:content

It's official. David and I are moving to Lock Haven, Pennsylvania. It's a huge move and I am SO excited for it. I am excited for life to start progressing forward for us instead of staying at a standstill. There is so much opportunity for us out there. So I am happy.

On the other hand, I am sad to leave Chino Valley/Paulden for a few reasons. They are: Family, Sharai and Brian, and Cheer. Those are the ONLY reasons I feel sad for leaving. Dont worry cheer girls, everything is gonna be ok. I am going to take care of you.

I will miss everyone on this side of the country though. But the good ones and I will always stay in touch (Roommate, Chelle, sis's... etc.) Anyway, I am going to have a goodbye party for myself in which probably only like 4 people will attend as it was for my 21st b-day party. It's ok though.. because they are the ones that count.

Well all, thank you. I love everyone except old people and ugly children.

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