I loke everyone

Current mood:exanimate

There is not much news to day. I actually have no new dramatical thing to say nor do I want to have anything like that to happen. I am just here.

I will meet with my psychologist today. She is a good one. She gives me homework. I like that.

Sharai and Brian are good ones. The other night was so fun. I seriously think that I burn a lot of calories when I hang out with them because they make me laugh so hard. Like the one time when we were watching the Da Vinci Code and Sharai farted for like two minutes during the most silent part. And then Brian and I both turned our backs on her so EVERYONE knew it was her.... that was SO funny.

I have a puppy for sale. She actually is free so she's not really for sale. I love her and all but we can't take her across the country. She is so cute. Please take her. She is only 3 months old and really sweet. She is wolf/labrador. She is black and gray and adorable. Please take her home with you. I will give you a food bowl and food and chew toys.

The end.

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