Just When....

Current mood:artistic You think that life can't get any worse. I feel like I am so tired of talking about all the bad stuff that has happened in life... but there is nothing else to talk about! I actually find that a bit amusing. I do realize that I need help. I went to a Al-Anon meeting with Steph the other night and it was so great. I was surrounded by people that have probably dealt with a lot worse things than I have, yet they were so upbeat and positive. I think I need that. THey have meetings in Prescott. I will go. So I went to certification classes today with Katie so that we can be cool and be certified cheer coaches. Hopefully Haddow will quit being an idiot and let me have tryouts this year. I am a good one now...all certified and stuff. Anyway, while I was there, I get this message from my sister saying that she is in the ER. WHAT? So I called her when I got out and apparently she was having some odd heart issues when she was at the gym. Very unnormal ones. They think maybe she had a heart attack but they don't know because she is so young. Oh yeah. Its her birthday too. Her hubby had this whole night planned. Romantic dinner, a SUPER nice suite at a hotel..etc. Instead, she is in a hospital with heart issues. Please pray for her. Also, my car is breaking down. Yes. I am in the middle of Phoenix traffic and it starts to stall and go all crazy. Good thing God loves me and knows I couldn't handle that. Anyway, there are some really good things happening though. We are talking about moving sooner than we thought and that makes me happy. I love David. He is a good one. I love everyone actually. Good night.

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