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Current mood:tired What the heck is up with life lately? Excuse me while I vent. First of all, I am overwhelmed physically, emotionally and spiritually. Let me explain a little more. Physically: I have been dealing with woman issues since August of last year. They still don't know what the hell is wrong with me so I suffer and so does my husband because I don't feel like doing anything anymore because it has hurt so dam bad for so long that its just not fun. Emotionally: I don't even know where to begin. The loss of my dad has caused a lot of issues for me. I don't even know. I also feel really bad because I have noticed that I have become more distant with David. I know it is only because of the physical issues I am dealing with. Touch is a huge thing for him, and because of the absence of it, I feel embarrassed or guilty or something. He definately doesn't make me feel that way, its only me. I also am in a fight with one of my only friends. So that is hard Spiritually: I have talked about this enough but I still don't know where I stand here. I am so fed up with everything . We went to a different ward this week and I won't lie, it was one of the funnest times I have had. Probably because David and I were acting silly and I didn't even care who was watching. I am in the process of writing yet another letter to the First Presidency of the church because they need to know that what they did was wrong. Anyway, that is all for now. I wish I had cures for these issues. I am going to get help.

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