Update on my daddy

Current mood:good We got the autopsy report back from the Medical Examiners office the other day. It was a good one. They decided that the cause of death was actually not pneumonia, but rather due to a "sudden cardiac event." Specifically he had acute heart failure and valvular heart disease. These things have nothing to do with a heart attack. He actually had a pacemaker to help cure or deal with the heart beating too fast or too slow due to those things. Did it break? Or did God know what he was doing? I choose the latter. I feel comforted in knowing that there was nothing we could do. I know that God knew what he was doing and that He was in control. He still is. I am grateful for that. My dad is much happier now. That doesn't stop the hurt though. The toxicology report also showed that he had NO SIGN of substance abuse in his body. He actually had nothing in his body related to drugs. No antidepressants, no Ibuprofen for heavens sake. He was always in a lot of pain so that actually surprised me. Maybe not. Hmmm... things that make you think. I am relieved knowing the truth. I love my dad.

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