Being a Redhead

Current mood:hungry

I hope no one ever has to be a Redhead like me.

I got super sun-burned this weekend when I up and went to L.A. David and I decided to go pretty randomly. It was fun though. We stayed in this gorgeous house right on a cliff overlooking San Clemente and Dana Point. It was so lovely. We got to watch fireworks coming from both piers while we sat at David's friends (shout out to Josh and Megan!) parent's house roasting marshmellows in their outdoor gas firepit. Seriously. if you could see this house, you would think you were in a movie. It was kind of hard being around a whole city full of people with money. But that's ok. What are you gonna do? Work harder I guess. Anyway, it was a good fourth of July. Good times. Oh yeah. I went to the beach and we were there for like 3 hours and I put on sunscreen every twenty minutes and I got FRIED. Seriously. I am in more pain then I have ever been in in my life. I'll post the picture when I get it. OUCH! I can't even walk. I hobble. No fun

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