Current mood:blah

I miss my roommate. It was so fun this past weekend to visit her and her Betato. We had some good times. WE did get to do our dancing and we did like it. I think Beto thought we were crazy though. I played video games with him to make up for it though. :-) Halo rocks my party. Speaking of which... I came home from Tucson/Phoenix and went to Teej's house and there were like a million people there. This time there was 3 T.V.'s and 3 Xbox's and NO ONE would give their controllers up. I got there at like 10p.m. and I am assuming they were there at like 7. Yet no one would give it up. I only got to play like 3 times compared to the 20 times each of them had played. So I left because I told them they were all being selfish. It was still fun though. Oh gosh.... and Phantom of the Opera was amazing. We were sitting in the 6th row! The Chandelier (sp?) was right above our heads. You could really feel the way Phantom loved Christine and you could just almost see them sweating. Wow. It was amazing. I don't think I'll ever want to sit in the nosebleed section again. Good times that weekend. I missed David and now I miss my roommate. I'm not reading the Special Illustrated version of this one though.

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