I could die.

Current mood:stressed
I am going on the River soon. That means I could die. And that means that I could never be able to talk to anyone again. That would be sad. I hope people don't forget about me. I will be gone for like 10 days. Floating down white water rapids. Yum. I am so excited. I hope I don't get burnt again. That isn't fun. Today is the first day I have been able to wear jeans. And they are tight and I don't even like it. Maybe I will lose some weight from paddling so much. I hope Shayna doesn't ditch me. Last time, we went down the Middle Fork and we only flipped once. I think the rapid was called Velvet Falls because you couldn't even see it coming and you couldn't hear it. Then there was this other time where Shayna flipped and I didn't. That was fun. I hope we get to go together. I hope she isn't too popular for me. I hope my roommate comes soon. Well, see you soon friends.
  • Jaime Weilacher
    Jaime Weilacher
    i like you!
    and if you're really worried, take the quiz on my profile on how you will die. it knows. the quiz knows.
    have fun having fun on the river. i'm much jealous!
    put some aloe vera on! or some KY.....
    6 years ago

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