Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Soccer Ball Baby

Does anyone else get those weekly e-mails about how far along they are in pregnancy? Oh, maybe it's just me. And the other ladies that are preggo too.

Well today I am 31 weeks. Yay! My baby is the size of a soccer ball. I think they are lying though. I don't think my belly is THAT huge. It probably is and I am just in denial about it all.

I totally didn't keep track of important growths in my pregnancy with Jackson so I wanted to document a few things about this one. It's totally going to be boring for anyone that is not me. but I don't care because I don't keep any other journal except this one.

At about 22 weeks I started having Braxton-Hicks.

About 30 weeks is when I started feeliing REALLY pregnant. Like not being able to bend over to pick up stuff from a sitting position.

This week I started to not be able to breathe. The nasal blockage is setting in.

I failed my glucose screen.

I got the shot in my butt for my special blood type. O-. That was last Friday.

Limbs started to protrude last week. Her is a mover. I'm glad.

I am hungry every 30 minutes. Literally. That is no exaggeration.

I saw a picture of myself and I am a blob already. Ew.

I DON'T have swankles. YET! Please pray for me not to.

That's all. So far. How boring huh? I don't care.

Does anyone even think it's super wonderful that Jackson is walking? He started to walk on the 15th of August...ish. He is so cute. I love him.

I'm going to eat fruit loops.

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