Where Did I Go?

I'm super excited about the new year! It might not even be the new year where you live but here in 2017 in Italy...my goals are well underway!

After watching the amazing show outside on our terrace, we went inside to snuggle and warm up in bed. David promptly fell asleep but shhhh... don't tell him I told you. I walked downstairs stepping over my bras on the stairs and all the toys I tried to hide from my bff and her daughter who is spending the night.

I grabbed this computer, a small amount of diet soda (I'm trying to quit) and this computer. How convenient it is that I'm on episode 25 of Season 2 of PLL! Great timing self! So that's on currently and I'm trying to settle the dog chasing her tail wildly. We are borrowing a neighbors dog for a little while in hopes we can convince the kids we don't want one. She goes crazy trying to get her tail.

Omg. The scene in this episode with the shower! Great little Hitchcock reference there! And the motel... so awesome. Good job PLL! I don't need you to judge me. If you watch PLL, please tell me and I'll be your bff. I think I'm gonna do a contest for all my frens who also love this show which means I'll probably have 5 contestants.

ANYWAY! That was a lot of pre-information. What I'm here to say is, I'm back bitches! I think that makes too many Pretty Little Liars references. I'm done.

For real though, I'm gonna get my groove even more back!

I feel pretty successful with what I've done in 2016! I thought about listing a few of them. I won't.

Let me tell you a story though. We had our family pictures taken in November. When we got them back I was prepared to hate them (because of my weight). I didn't though! I really actually loved every single one of them. (Thanks Katie @ Freckled Photos!) Even the ones with my double chins and all! This to me is the BIGGEST deal of all. And then, and THEN! Despite a little bit of apprehension, I ordered Christmas cards with a full body shot on them and sent them out. Well, some of them. I don't have all the addresses yet. I look at it like I get to carry over these positive loving feelings into the new year. I also look at it like I'm blessing the people who get them late. lol. jk.  Eeeee. It feels so good friends! I mean, it is the most freeing experience I've ever had in so very long! Go me!

This is the first step to change. I've known it for awhile and I've said it but I haven't really felt it about myself. Here's to more love in 2017!!!

P.S. Speaking of love, who is watching The Bachelor starting January 2nd? 💓💓💓#TheBachelorNick

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  1. Ugh I ducking love this!!! Yeah I said ducking haha. You're amazing and beautiful and I'm so happy for you!! How cool that you have family photos in Italy !!! #jealous #coolestperson