A Blackhawk Jump

*An oldie I never posted:

We were able to watch David jump the other day. It was a special one cause they did it from Blackhawks versus C-130's. Omg. I don't even know if that's how you spell it. Don't judge me.

It was pretty amazing to see. There were 6 guys per jump and David wrote about his other Blackhawk jump here. I told him I would think that being in the sky, on the edge of a large aircraft with my legs dangling out the side is a very grounding experience despite being in the air. Even though I don't jump out with a parachute on my back, I worry about the ones that do. I become very aware of the fragility of life. A lot of things are in play in those moments. There's pilots, and jumpmasters, weather conditions, and the landing zone. Dont forget about the condition of the soldier in the seconds where he pushes himself off the side of that huge machine, not to mention the number of people on the ground ensuring their safety. Yesterday I was able to watch it all happening. I haven't asked David about this but I am curious about who everyone was. Some were clear... the Carabinieri (the military and civilian police force of Italy) who were blocking the road from traffic when the copters would fly over the road, there was some guy on a phone with a cord attached to a backpack and he was continuously talking to someone. There were multiple people in multiple different vehicles waiting for something! It's quite the process!

Here are some pictures:

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