The Friday Five

I was congratulating the kids on their hard work at putting the trampoline up with David. Nevie immediately said, "Well, I didn't really help but I did jump. It's all put together." I'd also like to note that Genevieve has been talking about being "dehydrated". And then the other day she was explaining to Lara's boys that the game they held in their hands was a game she wasn't allowed to play because, "It's fo teenagers". I love her growing vocabulary. She makes me laugh daily.

Today. Omg. I laugh out loud when I think about this still... I got out of the car with Sadie to unload some stuff at the thrift store. She saw my capris (?) and said, "Are those pants too short for you?" I immediately started laughing out loud because before leaving the house today I decided that I realllllly needed to get rid of these things because they are fugly. They are the stretchy pant version of Mom Jeans. Oh man. It's bad. I'll go get a pic. What's worse is I wore them with my Old Lady Shoes. I was a wreck. But I was definitely comfortable.

The other night at a restaurant we went to, I was asking the waiter if I should come with him to the counter to pay. In some restaurants, like the Chinese one we recently visited, we take the check to the counter and pay there. So I was trying to ask if that's what I should do there. I think he thought I was hitting on him because he wanted me to go do a shot at the bar with him. "Just one," he said jokingly. I said that I couldn't so he settled for kissing my hand. Only in Italy.

I scored a pair of American of Martinsville nightstands worth probably 9 hunna dollars or so and I got them for $9 each. I'm having trouble deciding what color to paint them because I want to paint mine pink but I'm not sure David would be down for that. To be honest, I haven't asked him. I will right now. I'll write what he says as he says it. "I wouldn't prefer that but if you show me what color scheme it works well with them, I'll think about it." At least he cares about style. Am I allowed to paint them mismatched colors? I think that I am because they are the exact same piece. This is where some interior design knowledge would come in handy. I need my friends who are experts to help me please.

I love Italy. I don't know if I've said that too much yet. I probably will continue to say it too. There is so much to love! There's also a few things I would like to take note of. I'm having trouble figuring out their timelines. They take riposo from 12:30 to 3:30 p.m. and don't eat dinner until 7ish. Most restaurants are open until 2 a.m. which is maybe why the Carbinieri (Police) rang our doorbell at 4:30 a.m. about the alarm going off next door. Wait, what? Why did that happen? I don't understand. I actually appreciate the lateness for the most part except when we want Indian food at it's 5 p.m. lol.

My focus is not very good right now because I'm watching a show. My focus in life though, is good! I'm actually really really excited for some things coming up here soon. I hope you'll stay tuned. :-)

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