The Beginnings of Italy Living

I live in Italy.

Today we did a lot of things and nothing at all. I woke up to the sound of the air conditioner. It was pretty fantastic.

David then came upstairs and told me if I didn't hurry I would miss German pancakes (Andra's Recipe). So I had to put down my book and go downstairs to eat a delicious meal. David said Sadie made the majority of them! I love that she loves to cook!

Sadie decided she wanted her hair cut so we took her in to the PX to the salon for a cut. I forgot that this isn't America and this isn't Super Cuts and Chelsi isn't here. So basically life is bad and we couldn't satiate our desire for instant gratification. We had to make an appointment. We are pretty used to waiting by now. That's one of the things we have gathered rather quickly from the Italian people...they love to take their time.

You know how the movers tell you they'll be there between 8 and 5 p.m. on the day of your move? In Germany they'd show up at 7. In Italy, they got here at around 9ish. And that was just one guy. lol. In the middle of the move they also took a break and went to lunch for an hour or so. I actually really appreciate this!

Italians have proven to be SO much more... talkative? than Germans. I would have said friendly but I don't think Germans are NOT friendly as much as they are keepers-to-themselves? lol. Italians love kids and they love to talk. I remember David came home from the store one day and said he did a double-take a couple of times because he saw people in the store stopped and talking to each other. There's such a sense of community here. I really do love it. Our Italian neighbor from across the street came over to introduce himself last night. How nice right? Then, when we were picking up dinner there was a British man with his Italian wife and their kids. He helped David translate and they ended up exchanging information. David took the kids inside with him to have them meet their kids. I appreciate these experiences very much!

Today we drove a half hour to an Asian wholesale market. I felt very at home there with my husband who was able to talk very clearly to the people we were looking to buy from. I loved the look of surprise on their faces when my blonde-haired, blue-eyed, especially-tan-right-now husband started talking to them in their native tongue. :-) We got lucky with our purchases because we don't have wholesale cards (or whatever they're called) or they liked of the two. lol.

Progress on the house is moving along really nicely! We are almost done with the boxes in the house. Don't talk to me about the garage. lol. We've hung some pictures, and organized the spices. What else does a home need? Okay fine, David organized the spices. It's his thing. And I am not sad. I'll post pictures next time. We are ready for visitors even though we aren't. haha! I mean, there's still a lot to do but we have a bed!

Come visit!

These are pretty much the only pictures I've taken since we moved in. lol. You're welcome.

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