Sweaty Back Everywhere

I basically live in Phoenix again. at least that's what it feels like. If you were to put 100 degree weather (okay, more like 90), 50 percent humidity and a heaping spoon of sunshine and no breeze, you'd get me sweating. all day. every day. no joke. and I don't sweat. so. that says something. also, I've decided to forego the capital letters today because the shift button on this computer isn't working super well. So maybe you'll get some capitals and maybe you won't. It'll be a surprise and I'll call myself a hipster (because hipsters don't capitalize).

Here's an update of my life.

I'm pretty much an expert in foreign healthcare as we have previously established. I've already started on my journey to becoming one in Italy. We visited the ER on Monday. It's different here in that there are patient liason's at the hospital full time. One was called, and I was taken care of. I'm not gonna lie, even though the hospital was slightly more dingy than the ones in America, the way things were processed seemed much quicker. There was a lot of waiting but it was waiting with a purpose. I was processed through triage, and then sent to a waiting room to be seen by the ER doc in her office. I was then sent to radiology. Then to urology for an ultrasound and the scheduling of my outpatient procedure to happen tomorrow. We then went back to the ER doc's office for release. What is really cool is I was given a piece of paper with my triage info (name, bp, temp, reason for being there, etc) and it was added upon as I went to each "station". So at radiology a piece of paper was stapled to my other sheet with the results of my x-ray (the stent is still in and the stone is still there. Boo. I also have another stone in my left kidney). Then, when we went to Urology, I got another piece of paper with the ultrasound pictures and notes from the urologist on it. This all came back to me to my ER doc where she reviewed it. Then it got taken away from me for translation and then e-mailed to me later that night. I'm telling you, it was pretty efficient. The hospital got more and more busy as we got there but things seemed to move along. I'm not sure (I would hate to be presumptuous) if we were pushed through quicker because we are American but it sure went smoothly given the amount of things that were done.

I would like to speak on something some people might not appreciate but I don't super care. lol. I shall now speak on urine samples.

In the United States of America (and on post) when you are asked to give a urine sample you are generally directed to a private bathroom where you use the clean catch method of gathering. you are given wipes and directions and verbal instructions sometimes. So there's that.

In Germany, they do it all for you. you'll be talking to the doctor and she'll say "we need some urine" so then you (after many times of this) pull your pants down. On the spot. and they do a catheter. Because it's the most accurate. You never handle your own pee.

In Italy, you are given a plastic drinking cup and directions to a bathroom. Where there were no wipes, no instructions. No lids for the cups. Nothing.  Just a cup and a bathroom.

I just think it's really interesting and an appropriate analogy as to how each country functions.* Germany is efficient. They do it right and they do it well. In Italy, anything goes, and who cares eh? In the US, they're somewhere in the middle. We pretend to do it right even though there may be better ways.

that's all for now. We are enjoying this time in the hotel and the easy access to more freckles the pool. My kids (minus the 4 year old) can swim! Kaydence can too! It's amazing what a week of straight swimming can do for skill level. It's been super fun to watch their progress and I feel a lot more confident in taking them by myself. It also helps that there's a lifeguard on duty as well.

I just wish there was better internet because I haven't been able to catch up on my shows. and i'm very behind. I hope no one spoils anything for me. then i'll be sad and have less friends.

What are you watching/doing this summer?

*Those are just my opinions and in no way represent the actual ways each country do things.

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