My First Christmas Market in Germany

Someone once told me that if I want to feel at home for Christmas, go to Germany. Or some quote like that. lol. Basically it meant that Germany is homey feeling at the holidays. It is true!

I wish I would I have written this the night it all happened because as we were driving home, I was overwhelmed by how awesome the whole day was! It was honestly kind of magical. It may have been the sugar high, who knows?

Before I get to the other stuff, one important order of business. It's my birthday week! Thursday is my actual day. And I have already felt super important. Thank you Chels and David!

First we went to Ikea, which is always fun because...meatballs. and 2 hours! of uninterrupted shopping time. Just kidding. Sadie didn't go in the play place and Nevie wanted out about 25 minutes in. And of course my beeper thing went off when I was quite possibly the furthest from the play center.

Secondly, the sunset in the parking lot. Unbelievable. Indescribable Soaring, Tumbling... oh wait.

Thirdly, Nuremberg Christmas market!




Chelsi had a taste of the traditional gluhwein

We had expensive hot chocolate (we kept the mugs!)

Nevie had Sbux hot chocolate (less spillage and way less hot!)

Fourthly, Almost Chipotle! Seriously. The best thing since Frankfurt's actual Chipotle. Everyone go to Mr. Burrito in Nuremberg! Thanks Pembey's for the recommendation!

I may have had to erase an inappropriate something in that heart .

And lastly, Dunkin Donuts! No pictures there. But really, what could have made this night better? I'm not sure there was anything we missed except maybe the kids section. haha. And maybe a little less people (it was insane!). Otherwise, we loved it! Where do you visit that gets you in the mood for Christmas? Target? Christmas Tree stands? Your living room?

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  1. Oh gosh, I love you and the family so much! I miss Nuremberg, and you of course. What a beautiful market. I'll be back with the hubs:)