Why I'm in the Hospital This Time

Suddenly I couldn't move. The pain was so bad I was doubled over in pain, vomiting.

Just kidding. That was the LAST time I had kidney stones. This time, it happened over the course of oh, months. I started feeling like I had a UTI. Did anti-biotics. That pain came back. I went to my regular doctor to get a referral because with so many issues, I know my body. When my pee test came back negative for a UTI, I knew something else was wrong. I got a referral to see a specialist. I've been working with them for several weeks. I'm talking an X-Ray with contrast, a renogram, several ultrasounds and at my final appointment before the surgery, a CT scan.  FINALLY they figured it out. I have kidney stones! One of which was stuck where the ureter meets the bladder. One (big) in my kidney. So they scheduled a surgery to laser those suckers to pieces. Which they were successful at I think. Because who knows really. This is Germany.

There are things I love and hate about the way the health care system here. But that is a post for another time.

All I know is that I am alive and my left kidney hurts less and my right kidney feels like there's a tube in it. Because there is. I got to leave the hospital today... which means I am at home now. I took a big old nap and still could sleep more! Hospitals do that to you I think. They suck the energy out of you. No? I feel like I am qualified enough to say that with the number of stays I have had in hospitals, starting at a young age. When they ask if you've ever had previous surgeries, I have to pull out my notebook. Just kidding. But I should because I'm terrible at dates. I had my tonsils out when I was like 7. And then an appendectomy when I was 11ish. Then knee surgery as a teenager, and then a C-section as an adult, and then my kidney surgeries began. And don't forget about my broken foot. And then my broken ankle and now more kidney stuff. What the what? I need to settle down. Haha.

If you are willing to share your stronger-than-Tylenol pain killers with me, please let me know. Lol. Because Germany. They don't love the drugs here like we do in Murica which right now, I'm not loving.

Thank you all for your support and prayers and good vibes. I love you!

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