What I Learned from Looming

Pretty much everything can be likened unto a...... *insert noun here*. However, I have recently begun my journey of Looming (does it get a capital?) and I have learned so much. I realize I am behind on the bandwagon which could also serve as a metaphor, but I thought I would share my thoughts anyway.

Sadie has LOVED getting to know our neighbors, the Cralls. They are the new Sturzingers a.k.a. they live in their old house.  They are wonderful. Sadie and their 7 year old get along so well! He taught her how to loom and she came home from their house with 10 bracelets I think. Over the course of the week, that number increased until Chelsi bought Sadie her own looming set! So, since I've been somewhat Couch Potatoed for the last few days, I decided to give it a go only I didn't even start with the basics. I'm kind of a pro. I set out to make a 3 bander. Which I was successful at! So then I went to start on my second one, and when I thought I was finished, I wasn't. Because I missed something in the middle somewhere and it kind of fell apart. I mean, it still looked okay, but it didn't look awesome like my previous one. So I took it apart and I was sad. 

Since this, I have had a 50 percent success rate. Actually, it just increased to 60% since I finished a bracelet for Simon this morning. That's not very good odds. Is it? I mean, what am I missing? I feel like there's so many parables/analyses/metaphors/similes I could use here. But I think what I'm basically getting at is 1) I need to start at the basics and 2) Take my time. All things that I'm sometimes not good at in many aspects of my life because I want results and I want them now! I'm kind of a 4 year old in that way. lol. 

So that's a good life lesson huh? Also, I think looming is fun and I can't wait to use it as part of something school. Speaking of school, we started this week. It's been postponed so many times because of my kidneys. Those kidneys! 

I need to take first day of school pictures which I will do RIGHT NOW! 

Now I am just working on collaging them. Because I took some last year and never posted them. So this is a combined 2014/2015 beginning of the year picture post. 

I wish I was a little bit craftier. Ahhhh. I just wrote like 10 things I wish I was more of. But I think instead I will just be grateful for what I do and what I am now. It's better for the soul. 

Just kidding about the collaging. I have been working on it since this afternoon and I can't get any programs to work the way I want. So you get the regular, unedited cell phone pics. Haha. They're still cute. I had plans to write facts about them on the picture in a picture editing software program. lol. And I can't even get them to format right when I try and caption them. So the ones on the left are 2015 and the ones on the right are 2014. Don't judge my skillz today. 

Well, isn't this my life that it is now 2 days later and this is STILL not posted? I'm gonna go forth and post. Because I have another idea in my mind for another trendy post. Jk. That's such a joke. What have you been up to lately?

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