8 is Great!

Dearest Jackson Chase,

I love reliving your birth story because it was my first one! I wonder if I have it blogged here. Let me go check. I did! Here it is!

You are my sweetest boy. I am always amazed yet never surprised at how sweet and gentle your spirit is. I feel like the luckiest mom alive to have such great kids in general, but specifically a great boy!

My friend Belle said that having a boy first kind of sets the tone for the family. I think it's true. Not always, but I think for us it is. You and your sister are ying and yang. You balance each other perfectly. And then there's Nevie. :-)

This past year has been one of tremendous growth for you not only physically (this was the year of the two front teeth) but emotionally and mentally too! I looked at you the other day with pure awe because I almost didn't recognize you. I mean, I see you every day but that day I saw you as a boy and not as my baby which makes me both terrified and sad.

You're asking good questions, and searching for answers. We have some "Books of Why" around the house and I think we need more because you've read them all!

Your imagination runs wild just like your legs do. You're quite fast. My favorite thing is to watch you run back and forth from the living room to the kitchen making various noises. You've been into Power Rangers lately and I imagine you are doing something martial artsy. But you pay no attention to anyone around you when you do these things and it makes me happy.

You love deeply. You care too! Your friends just left and I watched as tears strolled down your face. At 8 years old, I think that's pretty special. You are kind to the little ones in our neighborhood too. You can play with the littles as well as the bigs and that also makes me happy.

You're still into Roblox and Minecraft, Infinity and a new game on xbox. Sadie plays happily with you on all of those games for which I am grateful.

What is hilarious to me is how much you are like me in your short patience span. You get frustrated SO easily if something goes wrong. If batteries don't work, something spills, or something doesn't go as planned you've become very apt at saying, "I'm done". Just like someone I know (me). I can only laugh because I was the exact same way as a child. Still am.

I'm feeling terrible because I didn't take many pictures today. I'm also kind of happy about that because I was too busy loving the moments to even think about it! We had a busy day full of a delicious breakfast (thanks Chelsi), presents with Dad via Skype, bowling with friends, so much outside fun with more friends, dinner (your choise of lasagna and cheesy bread), and finally some sleep. We even saw an air balloon right over our heads!

I remember this one specific moment in time right after (or before) Sadie was born. I was putting you down for a nap and I remember stroking your head and crying to you about how I was so sad that you weren't going to be my baby anymore. I was feeling a lot of guilt too because your time as an only child was short lived (17 months). And although I might feel sad about that, I'm so grateful you were already there to help me get through this crazy life we've had.

I think God blessed me with you because I needed everything you emanate: kindness, patience, purity, happiness, and pure love!  

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