Why I Won't Go See Mockingjay Part One

Plans were in place. I had a date on the way. Who also has a husband. But that's besides the point. Anyway, I put on a smoky eye, lip stain, a cute jacket and my sparkly boot socks.

And then it clicked. Well snapped. Literally. It hit me, as I glided (I say glided cause it's much nicer than fell) down the stairs. I wouldnt be seeing The Hunger Games tonight because I would be spending it in the hospital instead.

As I layed in the doorway to Jacksons room, I was holloring in pain much as im sure Katniss does in the movie, although I won't know at least for awhile. I thought for sure I could make it a few years without these stairs getting the best of me. All of my Germany friends know what I'm talking about when I say its you against them. 3 sets of them. They won this time.

I convinced David and Chelsi to please call 911 except thats not the number in Germany. And I probably didn't say please. We had to Google it. None of us will forget from now on. It's 112 here.
I cried and begged and acted like a fool asking them to please help me. They assured me they were doing everything they could which they really were. I didnt want to be moved but I wanted to be moved. I wanted it to stop but I didnt want them to touch me. Nevie was so sweet. She started crying and asked me several times if I was okay. It wasn't until i told her I was that she was convinced, and her little eyes stopped frowning.

The paramedics arrived and they so felt so bad for not being able to find a vein for an IV so they called the doctor to come do it. What? Awesome! Thank you for caring Germany.

He found it less than one minute after arriving and immediately I felt better. Mostly cause they pumped something amazing into my arm. A few minutes later, I was still feeling a little pain so the doctor gave me more cause he said i was such a good patient. Haha.

That's when they relocated my dislocated ankle. David said something was protruding and they put it back in place. He didnt even get a picture of the before. Haha.

On the way to the hospital they made me count 10 deep breaths because i really wanted to take a nap! After vomiting at the hospital, he said he probably over did it on the medication. Lol. I kept asking them if they were all grossed out and David is pretty sure they had no idea what that phrase meant. They were so nice! Although, even when high, I didn't want to take my clothes off in front of 3 men and 4 women so half of them left. Is that normal? David was such a good sport trying to walk them through my crazy questions about Germans and nudity and other such topics.

Christina in the ER was so kind. She was funny and like a mom. She took care of me and laughed at my stupid jokes and answered all my dumb questions. Remind me to thank her. Dr. Harsch (true name) was also very nice.

I got an x-ray by Christian. And it has been determined at this time I have a fractured fibula and ankle. The doc wants a CT scan so that's happening tomorrow. He said this kind of fracture (in my leg) is rare. In the meantime I'm casted and enjoying my view from the 5th floor of the Weiden Hospital.

Although I'm sharing a room (she's nice and is helping me translate things from my nurse who hardly speaks English), the room is awesome and my bed is comfortable (it has this amazing duvet covered comforter).

Im fighting in my own hunger games though as im not allowed to eat before my CT scan. Who will win? What will happen next? Stay tuned for the next installment of Lisas Hunger Games!


  1. No!! I'm so sorry sweetie!! I so wish I was there to spoil you! Take care of yourself... Hunger games will wait for you, promise.

  2. Oh man. Dang it. Shoot. That stinks! I'm soooooo sorry!!! Sounds SO PAINFUL!

    And really, Dr Harsch? That is just crazy.

    Please let me know if you need anything!!

  3. Oh nooooo!!! I hope you get all fixed up soon!!