Dear Jackson

I've always thought these posts were kind of silly. I've written a few here and there for various children of mine and when I've gone back to read them, I've really appreciated them. So this is my disclaimer. Sorry it's kind of lame for you dear reader. I like how blogging allows for an online time capsule to take place.

Dear Jackson,

Happy 7th Birthday dear son! Right in this very moment you are snuggled in the corner of the couch with a Nevie leaning on you, and a Sadie laying in her lap. The other day you told daddy you wanted a big brother because you "always have to take care of your sisters." It's true. Being a boy, and being the oldest, you have been provided lots of opportunities to be big brother. You take the role very seriously too. You are always and constantly worried about your sisters. You never want to go anywhere or do anything unless you know they are safe.

Right now, you're super into Pokémon and Legos, and YouTube videos about Minecraft and therefore, Minecraft itself. We played a live role Pokémon game the other day. I always have this way of outdoing you, but then you outdo me with the Pokémon special trick things. I should know what those are called huh?

You're learning to ride a bike right now. It's pretty great watching you be excited about it. I'm glad we never pushed or hurried these things, especially for you. You're super sensitive to a lot of things in life, but especially failure. While I believe in letting you fail, I also believe in helping you succeed and you're doing so good at it!

You're favorite color is Red! We painted your room Red here in Germany. Unfortunately, you don't sleep in there much. Most of the time, you're in Sadie and Nevie's room because they don't want to sleep in their room alone. Last night though, you and Sadie were in your room on the floor. Why did you pick the floor I wonder?

One of my favorite things about you is your sensitive and sweet soul. You aren't a rough boy. You are very easy to get a long with because you don't demand a lot. a lot of the kids in the neighborhood really have taken a liking to you, especially the German kids from across the street. Zack and Ellena.

You're a really good reader. You don't like to do it but when you do, you do it so well!

You are in the phase of life where you like to tell a lot of stories. They are usually REALLY long. I know I am going to miss these days.

There's so many things I want to say to you. But what I want you to know most is that I love you! I'm so grateful for who you are. You've often been my savior when daddy is gone. I've asked you to help me with Sadie and Nevie and you've always been willing. Thank you for that!

Thanks for being such a great kid! I can't wait to continue to watch you grow!

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