Paulden, AZ, USA

Paulden, AZ Flood of 2013

Well, I think it deserves its own headline anyway. It was any normal day. We were out and about and came home to a lot of rain. The road was heavily flooded but not our driveway yet. It looked like this about an hour after we got home. I remember telling David he better get home quick cause it was flooded. He didn't believe me. Also, stop judging our gangsta car. We like it. lol.

Pretty soon it was this: 

And then this: 

Notice how you can't even see the tops of the rocks in the center thing?

David moved the car and van up near the garage to get them out of the flooding. 

we busted out plastic storage bins and inner tubes!
Even our road was flooded. This is our neighbors Josh and Robert across the street, digging a sand line thing or whatever to let some water out. Ha. 

This is David in the road! This is when we left our house that night because we turned off the power for awhile since we live in an amazing trailer where the electric isn't grounded or something something. 

Lakefront property 

Davids Dad tok this one. Thats our house! A view from the road. Crazy! 

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  1. Oh, my gosh. That's a lot of water! I'm glad you're all okay. And that you got pictures and a great story out of it.